① And Week homework, concepts Math due 31. August 2250-1 2

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And Week homework, concepts Math due 31. August 2250-1 2

Sample Essay: The Black Church Best Essay Writing Service https://essaypro.com?tap_s=5051-a24331 Group identity has been a common trait in the American history for many years and religious identity is not an exception. Christians, Muslims, and Jews are all defined through a series of practices, beliefs, and symbols that have been shaped after so many years. Black-Americans have not been exempted from these traits, in fact, the church has been, and always will remain an integral part of the black community and their history. The black church has been a foundation of strength and hope for the African American society (Clark, Hine and Harrold 18). Historically, African Americans have been associated with Christian worship. Protestantism has received immense following from many blacks who attend Methodists, Baptist, and Pentecostal churches. In as much as African Americans enjoy their freedom of worship, its history, nevertheless, is full of faith, survival and struggle. African-American struggle for recognition, rights, and freedom is a terrific story in the American history. The black church’s involvement in this history cannot be ignored. The first black churches and congregation were founded before 1800 by freed slaves. These churches were predominant in industrial cities, which attracted free blacks who were in search of jobs. By 1806, Petersburg had the largest number of free blacks, although Philadelphia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Savanna, Georgia attracted a remarkable number as well. At the end of slavery, freed blacks resorted to turned to church facilities and established congregations for worship. This culminated to a distinctive and empowered form of Christianity that formed the present-day black spiritual tradition. It should be understood that the slavery euphoria had not cooled off; therefore, blacks could not establish the black church in the south. The south was a predominant White region and African-Americans were banned worship in the same churches as whites. Why and how the black church played a vital role throughout history. Just like other black churches, the first African Baptist Church in Savanna, Georgia has contributed to the shaping of the rich American history. Its leaders and followers were on the forefront in championing for the African-American freedom and rights. During the civil war, the Savanna Baptist church was used as a part of the secret Underground Railroad. Secret meetings, which discussed pertinent issues like fighting oppression, were held at this old church. Freed slaves had nowhere to turn to apart from the church. The church was a closely knit society from which the freed slaves found solace. This meant that these freed slaves depended on the church for direction. The church has played a pivotal role in the history of America because people believed in it (Clark, Hine and Harrold 102). Another Mesa University Colorado positively charged - as to why the black church played a vital role in the shaping of American history is because God had a hand in everything the leaders and followers did. God does not feel good when his human creation suffers, more so under the hand of fellow beings. The huge following the black church had contributed immensely to our history; these churches were entwined together as Bradley NRG250 Layton family. This attribute enabled the church to form a strong clout that no force could quell it. The black church is among various institutions that have played an integral part in the history of the United States. The black church’s hand in the American Civil Rights Movement can not be ignored. Through their moral struggle; the black church changed the imperfect image African Americans were associated with during slavery. Unlike white churches, the black church preached equality; to them, every body was the same before the eyes of God. The whites argued that there was a clear distinction between a master and his slave. This meant that the blacks (slaves) were lesser beings to their masters (whites). The black church changed this perception by encouraging its members to fight for their God given right of freedom. It is evident that the black church played a crucial role in the rich history of the United States of America. The influence that the black church has on the history of this 14167337 Document14167337 is highlighted in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Racial discrimination was exceedingly rampant in the United States before the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Since the black church had the leadership role, it encouraged its congregations to take part in this nonviolent movement. Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. was a Baptist church leader, and among the proponents of this movement. He took advantage of his church leadership to spark flames of the movement (Clark, Hine and Harrold 284). Holt (98) argues that the blacks heeded their church leaders’ advise; they toed the line and started to fight for their rights. A good example of the church’s involvement occurred in 1955. In this year, King and Nixon led their congregation into the Montgomery Bus Boycott. They were [protesting against the arrest of Rosa Parks who had refused to comply with the Jim Crow Law. This law stipulated that blacks were supposed to give up their sits to the whites while travelling. The protest lasted for one year, and it resulted to the bombing of King’s house and his arrest. Through their faith and trust in God, this protest bore fruits. In 1957, King found the Southern Leadership Conference; this non-violent movement was supposed to use the power of the black church to push the reforming of civil rights forward. In 1963; this movement and other like-minded formed the March on Washington for Freedom and Jobs protest (Clark, Hine and Harrold 108).This protest was meant to force the government to recognize the presence of learned blacks; who could do the same jobs as their white counterparts or even better. Civil right advocate Rev. James Orange was arrested in 1965 for disorderly conduct. He was accused of inciting students to participate in the “Blood Sunday,” and to aid in voting drives. Orange was sent to jail for contributing to the misbehavior of the youth. Twenty six year old Jimmie Lee Johnson, was shot on the stomach for participating in the blood Sunday march; he succumbed to the injuries caused to him by the bullet eight days after this march. Pastor Ralph Mark Gilbert of the first Baptist 70` Hatteras UNITED SALES “GT YACHT 70” in Savanna, Georgia was a Batista leader and a civil rights leader as well. He served as the president of the National Association for the Advancement of colored People (NAACP). Under his leadership, many blacks were allowed to vote after the reorganization of the local chapter. Moreover, the first black police officers were hired and a black mayor for Savanna was elected. To honor his work; the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum was built. Why political leaders and influence come from the church. Most political leaders and influences come from the church because the congregations believe in them. The blacks believed that anything their leaders say come from God; therefore, should be adhered to always. The influence that these leaders have on their followers enables them to seek political offices. These leaders are assured of their follower’s support if they seek political offices. They are sure that their followers would elect them to these offices because they believe in their leadership abilities. Just like in the Bible, Religious leaders make good Political leaders. The black church produced many political leaders because these leaders were the eyes of the congregations (Holt 122). They had to show their followers the way towards freedom. Since many blacks were hopeless, religious leaders cum political leaders gave them hope. In conclusion, the roots of many historical figures in the American history can be traced back to the black church. Bayard Rustin, Martin Luther King Jr., Whitney Young, Dorothy Height, and Roy Wilkin are some of the historical figures who fought so hard for the liberation of the blacks. The Post-civil right MY - DO WITH Studies Asian WHAT I Program CAN has its own crop and IP Address in Understand Troubleshoot Management (IPAM) black leaders. In 1984 and 1988, civil right leader Rev. Jesse Jackson contested for the Democratic Party’s presidential. His contest brought unparalleled support and leverage to the blacks in the United States. In 1989, Wilder Douglass was elected as the first black governor in U.S. history. This long history was sealed on January 29, 2009, when Barack Obama was elected as the 44th and also the first black president. Works Cited. Clark, Darlene., Hine, William, and Harrold, Stanley. The African-American Odyssey III George - Edwards 672 Political C. Science. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 2002. Print. Holt, Thomas. Major Problems in African American History: From Freedom to Freedom Now. Virginia: Wordsworth Publishing, 2000. Print. Best Custom Essay Writing Service https://essayservice.com?tap_s=5051-a24331

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