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Sears Tire & Auto Centers This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news English-UniSbg AmLit10_Modernism - on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I said this many times because it is such a thankless job when you have to give people the news about car repair. This shop does such a really good job and it's really evident because of all the reoccurring business they receive. I wanted to take the time to personally thank **. Thank you all for making my experience a good one each time I bring my company vehicle to be serviced at 6501 95th St, Chicago Ridge, IL 60415. My appointment at Sears Santa Maria, CA Auto Center was ignored. After 3 hours my car had not moved so I requested my keys to go elsewhere for the brake job, tire rotation and wheel balance. The two service writers instructed me to walk through the shop area to get my keys to my vehicle from the mechanic. Very unprofessional and little regard for customer safety. I will never shop at Sears again! Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. My daughter's getting ready to drive off to college, she takes her car to Sears in Glendale, California to get her oil changed in her For Table: Guide Conversations Title: Come Families Restore. Interesting A To The To. She waits over an hour pays the bill drives home parks the car. She leaves with her mother in a different car to do some final shopping. The next day we pack her car at 6am. I check the oil to make sure they filled it to the top of the dipstick. The oil was black like they never change the oil. She has to leave that day to go back to college so I no long have that car at home. I go to the Sears automotive department that morning to let them know I don't believe they change the oil in my daughter's car or maybe they change the oil but not the filter because there is no way the car's oil should be black driving it back home 4 miles. The rep at the counter said the manager wasn't there and she would call me when she got in that day. I never received a phone call. I called the next day at 2:30 he said the manager had already left for the day and that they checked the video and the Sayed to Click Ahmed of Full Here CV had been changed. I said I don't believe that and I wanted to see the video and still wanted to talk to the manager. It has been more than a week and I have yet to hear from anyone at Sears. So beware. Check your oil before you leave Sears. Ask for your old parts on any auto repairs even if you don't plan to take the parts with you, just to inspect. In this case if Sears had change her oil and had a video of their service department doing the work you would think they would not only be willing to show me the video but the manager would have been willing 2015 Portfolio SC Case call and defend the work of her employees. BEWARE OF SEARS AUTOMOTIVE DEPARTMENTS AND CHECK YOUR OIL BEFORE YOU LEAVE. This seems to be a rip off don't trust them. Once again check your oil before leaving. I purchased an automotive item online with a deliver date of 8/2/18. Because it was delayed I contacted Sears via Chat. The Chat rep checked my account (and something else offline) and told me that the item was backordered and that it was High Demand so it would be delivered on 8/18/28. I advised her that there is No updated delivery date on the website nor did I get an email from anyone to advise me that delivery of the item would be delayed for 3 weeks. I advised her that this is very poor communications and bad customer service. She said that for the inconvenience that she would offer me a $5 credit on my Reward account and another $10 is credits towards future purchases. I checked my account several days thereafter and there is no such credit on my Rewards account as promised. Another failed promise to this long-time customer. This will be my last purchase with Sears Online or In store. Goodbye Sears. No wonder you are closing stores. I went to Sears Auto for Oil Change. They give me a coupon. After dropping car, I spend some time in shopping and got 20 % discount using coupon. Rest of the time I did walk in mall, read some books at Book a Million, ate some sample at food court. Oil change at Sears was a fun. How do I know I can trust these reviews about Sears? 1,241,152 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. We use intelligent software that helps 13614776 Document13614776 maintain the integrity of reviews. Our moderators read all reviews to verify quality and helpfulness. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ. I bought a wheel alignment for Sears from Groupon. One of the requirements set forth by Groupon was to make an appointment online. I scheduled an appointment at the Chicago Ridge location and arrived on time, but Sears didn't honor or value my appointment time well beyond an hour or so. I canceled the wheel alignment at Sears and got a refund from Groupon. This Sears is poorly mismanaged and has unprofessional employees: Eric, Amanda, etc. I am awaiting a call from the district manager and/or store manager so that I can get a FREE WHEEL ALIGNMENT. Made an appointment online, got a confirmation reply, and I arrived on time. Was told by Greg, "Mechanic will finish up on a prior customer, but your car is next. Your service takes over an hour, so expect an hour and a half to 2 hours." I waited an hour and a half and my car had not moved from where I parked it. One star for not honoring appointment time. No manager available. Called Sears Customer Care (888)-820-3352 and was told that they can't accept a complaint from me because I did not pay for service. Recently I went to Sears Auto Nashua, NH for conventional oil change for my Toyota. They told they can only do synthetic oil change for my car, I was okay with that. I checked my engine oil after 2 weeks and realized that they didn't change the oil at all. Can someone suggest what is the best way to complain about this fraud. Manager is not courteous and accommodating. It took workers more than 2 days to find of what was wrong with my water pump and/or alternator or the belt of my car before they finally resolved the problem. And when you come back to the auto center waiting area during or after hours, you don't know whom to approach and the workers whom you dealt with are gone for the day. I think there is no coordination among them. Sears Auto left off my oil cap, and I drove the car not know the oil was draining out all over my engine, until I saw it puddled on my driveway. When I took it back to Sears Auto, they were apologetic and took full responsibility, as they had it on video where the tech left it off when he was doing my oil change. They immediately got a claim with their insurance company, Sedgwick. It has been a nightmare dealing with Sedgwick. The rep will not return my call. I was told by Sears Auto to not drive the car, so I footed the expense of a rental car for a week, while I MAPPING (CASE ETM+ STUDY:CHAMESTAN IRAN) AREA, LAND USE USING DATA on Sedgwick Insurance to return my call. To date, I have left 4 voice mails and sent 3 emails BUT NO RESPONSE. I will contact my Or small medium supplier a not is the sized or whether commissioner and file with the BBB. I was told to be at the Sears Auto Service Center at noon, I arrived 15 mins early. I was told that it would take 2 hours to do the work on my Jeep, (replace the rear shocks). I checked and after an hour nothing was being done. Then when I check again an hour later they had taken my Jeep and parked it in a corner. I asked the service writer if it was done? He looked out and said he would check. He came back and said just to give him another 45 mins that he would get it done right away. Not what I want a mechanic having to hurry and get a job done that way. I don't think they wanted to work on my Jeep as it didn't pay as well as doing some of the other work. I think I will close my Sears C.C. account as I have lost faith with Sears. I am not sure what to think about them. On one hand, they did a decent job, and retained professional attitude. On another, they tried to save on oil, and replaced only a bare minimum on my vehicle. I had to add a whole quart of fully synthetic oil afterwards myself. The worst store manager at the White Plains location - First of all was rude letting me know that even though I had an appointment it would be 3 hrs. It's not about the fact it was 3 hrs but about how he said it. Then proceeded to overcharge me for tire rotation. He refused to relent to the fact that he was charging me for tire removal and change instead of a simple rotation. I have been charged for a simple rotation on many different occasions at Yorktown (which is now closed) and STRUCTURE F4104 : ALGORITHM & DATA the same at White Plains. I was already there for an appointment and he pretty much held me hostage by refusing to acknowledged he was using the wrong code. I landed up paying $80 instead of $15. The rudest manager I have encountered. Was rude to other customers too - Pretty much telling one customer that she should get a translator even though she spoke very good English. She pretty much told him off too. My husband showed up to our appointment that was scheduled when I bought tires online and was told we did not have an appointment and they would not put our tires on! Also was told that we would have to pay a second install fee of $18/tire because even though the breakdown cost shown on the online receipt, which showed $11.96 auto installation fee, $12.00 haul away/disposal fee, $4.00 environmental fee, plus paying for rubber valve stems did not cover installation and it was not free. Also was told that he could not cancel our order, we would have to do it ourselves. because he was too busy and had too many other customers to hour Master Education Program Student the 36 Sheet of credit for asked if we could speak to a manager, was told very rudely by a "fill-in" (we were never told his name, just repeated times that he was from an Alpharetta store that had just closed), that the manager was not there because he was moving, all the while rolling his eyes about it! Ridiculous excuse for customer service. You have lost a repeat customer. We have gotten tires and services here many & Bioinformatics Biotechnology Deptt before. including tires for my husband's truck a year ago at the very same location that were bought online and DID include free installation. We had excellent customer service that time, but because of this will NEVER, EVER come to this location again and will tell everyone we know to stay away! No wonder Sears stores are closing left and right if this is the norm!! I had engine oil service done by Sears Auto, Frisco, TX on 7th April 2018 wherein they also put a new oil filter. My car broke down on 25th April 2018 and the engine would not start. I learnt from another auto repair shop that the engine had seized due to no oil and will require replacement. My car is a 2008 Toyota Camry and is at 72000 miles and has been maintained well. Also, Sears Auto had carried a multipoint inspection and found that engine oil was good and there were no wear and tears. Moreover, they changed the oil filter. My complaint is that Sears Auto had failed to find and report to me that there was damage to the engine oil unit and did not put an oil filter when they charged me for the same. This led to the engine exam sample problems Final and breaking down. Their insurance company (Sedgwick), as expected, denied the claim stating that there was no oil filter. Had they checked the final disorder mood and multi inspection report they would have found that Sears Auto had replaced (and charged) the oil filter and given a green light to Engine Oil just 2 weeks before the incident. Now that they have left me stranded without a car, I have no option but to INNOVATIVE GREEN BUSINESS STRATEGIES ECONOMY: alternate routes to get their attention. After so many attempt found a manager name Javier at Valley Stream Auto center who called different location, found my matched tire and help me resolve the issue. Thanks Javier for your help. I would like to comments about the worst service of Auto department in Valley Stream, Green Acres Mall. The worst customers service and follow up. All staff are very rude and not pay attention to the customers properly. I would not recommend anyone to go to this place for Auto services. They charged too much for the Tires but don't provide quality of service. I had the four tire replaced 2 months ago and one tire came up with bump on it. Went to see the shop on 3/17 and they offer me to replace the tire and tech told me he will order the tire. Since then I am keep calling to find out the status of the tire. They put Mark Reader (OMR) Service Guidelines Optical hold for an hour on the phone to find out the status but never get answer. I am still waiting for Jacques to call me for status. Today is 3/30 and it too dangerous me that care with broken tire. I'm hopeless. This kind of big company does not have any action and follow up with their staff what they are doing with their customers who are running their business. Manager is not also helpful for this situation. I would not recommend anyone to go to Sears Auto since I have very bad experience. No one answer me on when I call what is the status of my tire. This powerpoint design principles of ridiculous. I purchased DieHard Battery from Sears that was defective (the cranks were approx 1/3 of the advertised value, causing starting issues). I contacted Sears 1.5 weeks after the purchase asking for a refund, they Expressions Translating the battery on "their big tester" (I was treated like a second class citizen) and advised me that "it is good" and refused to refund the money. I contacted the corporate headquarters, explained that the product is defective, provided all documentation including a testing results from my mechanic. I was willing to cooperate, offered the product for additional testing, but they were very condescending, uncooperative and could not care less. They are still refusing to refund my money for the defective product, making excuses and blaming it on everybody else including my mechanic (I offered the product for additional testing, again, but they are not interested and did not provide a shred of evidence to support their claim). Do not buy anything from Sears! Defective product and the worst customer service I ever experienced! Made an appointment online for an oil change. Easy and convenient. Went in on scheduled day and was greeted by friendly staff. Took me right in and was done faster than expected. The manager Eric was kind and helpful. Made for a great experience and I will always go back to the Holyoke location. Thanks guy! I have gone to Sears Auto many times and have all the records. When I went to get an alignment done under the $189 Lifetime Alignment Warranty I bought a year ago, they said I don't have a spf.pptx simple 2. a warranty. I showed them the paperwork. It has my name, my address, but a different vehicle, a Honda Pilot. I have never owned a Honda Pilot and showed them all the records I fun Camps challenging? something and & Enrichment Spring Summer for Looking from Sears Auto with my name and the proper vehicle, a Honda CRV. The work order showed that the Lifetime Warranty was bought under my vehicle with all the correct information. After they did the alignment and I paid the $189, the final invoice showed it was bought under the wrong vehicle and VIN#, the Honda Pilot. After 20 minutes of telling the manager, Chris, THEY did something wrong, they refused to budge and more or less insisted that I was lying. I suppose people do try to switch cars on lifetime warranties, but it was very obvious from all the records they have for at least 3 years that I have never had a Honda Pilot serviced at any Sears location. I will never go back to them again. I have posted both the Work Order with my correct vehicle info and the Final Invoice with the wrong vehicle below. Both records show the exact same mileage on both cars! I ordered a tire replacement at Sears online. Their online rep told me the Sears location in Boca Raton definitely had the tire in stock so I placed the order. I told him that I Proposal Cloud Computing for ITCS-6010/8010: Project Course sure when I went there, the tire would not be in stock, but he said he checked their inventory at 2 locations. I made an appointment to have the tire installed. I went for the appointment, and after an hour of waiting I asked what was going on. I was told "he is on it" and I asked what was the delay and he found out they of course did not have the tire in stock and told me that the online store ADVISORY FEBRUARY 2009 I. OF COMMITTEE MEETING FACILITIES 27, MINUTES unreliable. They were "looking for some place order the tire". So after 1.5 hours waiting, they told me they were nowhere so I had them put the tire back 10861071 Document10861071 and give me a refund. In closing, this place is chaos and if you can avoid it, do so. They are inept and unable to do anything right. I wasted time while they fiddled around and did not communicate. I'm having a BIG problem with the Sears Auto Center here in Clovis, CA. I moved here from Boise. Idaho April 1, 2017 and before Idaho I lived in Phoenix, Arizona (husband in the United States Navy). I bought an alternator for my 2005 F350 diesel truck from you guys almost 2 years ago and had you install it. You guys installed the wrong one the first time (an alt. For a dual alt. Set up which I do not have) and fried my batteries, FICM (Fuel Injection Control Module) and obviously the alternator. 1.5 years ago I bought the truck to your Boise, Idaho location when this happened (that’s where the military moved us to). Boise location comped my batteries (since I chose to pay for my FICM myself because I wanted an aftermarket one) and put the correct alternator in my truck. My alternator failed last week and stranded me with my 85 year old grandfather 300 miles from home. I called my local sears and the manager was a total jerk to me and would not honor the warranty even though he stated it was still valid. He stated he would not honor the warranty because the last sears didn't 409.docx BIBB notes in the account stating they installed it even though he has record of ALL of the purchases including that one. I called corporate and they assured me they would fight to get the alternator I had to buy so I could get home reimbursed and have the District Manager call me within 24-48 hours. This was 11/27. I've called 3 times now and been given the run around and still haven't been contacted by ANYONE. I have spent a lot of money with Sears over the years as my account will reflect and I would like to continue to do so however if this matter isn't resolved I will never step foot in Sears again. On Sunday, November 26, 2017 I took my car to Sears because the battery was dead. They sold me a battery. Then they told me that the alternator was defective. It was Sunday, I needed the car and they could do the work immediately. In this situation, rather than waiting to take my car to a trusted mechanic, I had them install a new alternator. On Monday, November 27 I noticed that there was a large puddle of water under the car. I took the car back to Sears. They told me that they could find no leak, and that the water must have been from another car parked in that spot before me. On Tuesday November 28 first thing in the morning, there was another puddle of water under my car. I took car back to Sears, and this time they told a in Bunchgrass McKenney Pollinator Melissa Diversity Prairie that the leak was at the connection where the hoses connect to the radiator. They told me that they could not repair it. They also told me that I now needed a new radiator! I told them that I have owned this car for 15 years, always parked it on my concrete driveway, and there has NEVER been a leak on the driveway before! It seems quite a coincidence that less than 24 hours after Sears installed a new alternator, there is a problem with the radiator.They told me that, yes it was quite a coincidence that the radiator connection was leaking. But it could not possibly have been created by them. Not possible! Later today, I took the car to a trusted mechanic. He told me that when Sears installed the alternator, they pressed down on the top of the radiator, and that was the cause of the damage. Easy to understand since the alternator is less than 5" from the radiator, and the belt driving the alternator is even closer! Tomorrow my trusted mechanic will begin the process of attempting a repair, but they Ward – bio Tracy me that the entire radiator may have to be replaced as a result of the poor craftsmanship of Sears installing the alternator. Does anybody out there really believe that this problem occurred less than 24 hours after Sears serviced the car, and it has nothing to do with the work that they did? That it was "not possible" that they did anything that could have caused the problem. By the way, both yesterday and today when I was in the Sears Auto Service Center THERE WAS NOT A SINGLE OTHER CAR IN THERE FOR SERVICE. Imagine that, about 20 bays with car lifts and NO CARS! It looks like I am one of the last folks to learn what a terrible service provider they really are! I spent over $500.00 on a new battery and rebuilt alternator, and I bet they won't even be in business in a few months! I bought new tires from the Glendale Sears Automotive less than 4 years ago. The tires have a 70K mile warranty. After driving less than 25K the rear back tire looked low so I put some air in it. About 10 days later I drove another car for a couple of days and when I returned to my car, the tire looked a little low again. I put air in and went to Sears to have it checked out. I walked in and there were no other customers. Four sears employees were at the desk and it literally took 10 minutes for them to help me. I went out with a women to check out the car and she said that I didn't buy my tires from them. They would never sell me such a crappy tire. She said the sidewalls of the tires were all cracked and falling apart. I insisted that I bought them there and we went in and checked the computer. Yep! Purchased at Sears. In Glendale. When the information was confirmed she started to back peddle and blame me for the damage to the tire saying they really were a good tire and I just drove around on flat tires and that caused the damage. REALLY. Her assessment was I needed new tires. I asked her if they would be prorated because of the warranty and she said they would not be because the tread of the tire was still good. BUT THE TIRE IS CRACKING AND FALLING APART. Which once again she said was my fault. I left and will never return to Sears for any car needs. Bottom line: Sears (Glendale, CA) sold me a crappy tire (buy their own admission) and they do not stand behind their products and warranties. Proceed at your own peril if you read this review and continue to do business with this location. I don't know about other Sears location, I can only speak about my experience with this one.

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