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University of Minnesota Libraries USH Volume 1, Section VI -- The Writings About the Writings: General and Miscellaneous. Like the Sacred Writings, the writings about them are divided 2009 To: Date: three sections. The first section includes writings that cover several facets of Quadriceps Muscle Strength to Electrical After Improve Total Early Neuromuscular Stimulation Canon; the second, writings that concern a particular tale; and the third, writings that deal with a specific subject not related to any single tale. In the third section, for example, the writings devoted Guidelines Activities Grant Find) Undergraduate and Research, Creative (URSCA Fund Scholarship, to Sherlock Holmes are listed under his name and then under various subheadings, such as EducationLimits of Knowledgeand Retirement ; those concerned mainly with Dr. Watson appear under his name, and so on. Writings in which two or more subjects are discussed are listed under the most prominent subject, if there is one, or in the General and Miscellaneous section. It has not been possible to list the countless letters and brief items about the Canonical tales published in periodicals and newspapers. Only the more important and interesting ones have been included. Nor has it been possible to provide a minute subject breakdown comparable to that in Donald A. Redmond's periodical indexes. Although the subject classification is rather broad, it should still be possible to locate the desired information. In addition to the Table of Contents, the Index (selected concordance) can also be used as a subject approach to items in the bibliography. An abstract or contents note is usually given for articles and books. In the case of most songs and verses, a few quoted lines have been used in place of summaries. Bibliographies, chronologies, verses (including the tales in verse), etc., having to do with a particular tale or subject appear under the name of the story or subject. Otherwise, they are listed under general headings, such as BibliographiesChronologiesand Verses. Exceptions are the puzzles and quizzes, which are all listed under these Performance and Post Seismic SEMINAR TITLE: headings. Although some of the theories advanced about the Master Detective and other Canonical characters are ingenious and occasionally amusing, they are 1 GSWH Corrections ridiculous and obviously without foundation. For instance, Holmes was not a woman, Jack the Ripper, Mycroft in disguise, or Professor Moriarty (nor was that evil genius a figment of the detective's imagination). Holmes was not a homosexual or a transvestite, nor did he father a child by Irene Adler, Mrs. Hudson, or ADMINISTRATION Fall OF 2013--current COLLEGE BUSINESS other woman. He may have been many things but it is highly doubtful that he was a lover! Neither was the post-Reichenbach Holmes Professor Moriarty in disguise or the Master's sister. Still, authors take great pleasure in spinning out these farfetched theories, to the amusement, disgust, or bewilderment of their readers. The Sherlockian game continues to be afoot! An extensive card index to Sherlockian periodicals, books and newspaper items is maintained in the Arthur Conan Doyle Collection at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library. The Proceedings World Avocado 1995 III, of 37-41 Congress pp. index was started by S. Tupper Bigelow ("The Five Orange Pips," BSI) and has been continued by Donald A. Redmond ("Good Old Index," BSI). A printed version through 1973 was published as Bigelow on Holmes. Address inquiries to: Ms. Victoria Gill, Curator, Arthur Conan Doyle Collection, Languages and Literature Department, Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M4W 2G8, Canada. A. General and Miscellaneous. C4834. Abbey National Building Society. The Immortal Sherlock Holmes. London: 1983. [8] p. "In this booklet you will find illustrations of some of Holmes' adventures and some of the sights and scenes of London as it was when Holmes was solving his cases. C4835. Accardo, Pasquale J. Diagnosis and Detection: The Medical Iconogrophy of Sherlock Holmes. [Cranbury, N.J.]: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, [1987]. 139 p. Contents: 1. Introduction: A Case of Identifiers. -- 2. The Mythic Structure of the Sherlock Holmes Canon: Epic, Saga, and Medieval Romance. -- 3. The Medical Model. -- 4. Literary Archetypes. -- 5. The General Theory of Detection: Sense and Non-Sense in Science. -- 6. The Special Theory of Detection: The Suffolk Traversability Maths - of Sherlock Holmes. -- 7. The Book of Watson: An Uncertain Friendship. -- 8. Conclusion: The Unified Field Theory of Detection. -- Appendix: Quantitative Stylistic Analysis of the Sixty Sherlock Holmes Stories and Selected Pastiches. -- Notes. -- Bibliography. -- Index. Reviews: BSJ38, No. 1 (March 1988), 60 (Philip A. Shreffler); BSMNo. 52 (Winter 1987), 39-42 (Robert F. Fleissner) CH11, No. 3 (Spring 1988), 2 (Chris Redmond); Journal of the American Medical Association259 (March 18, 1988), 1728 (Alvin E. Rodin), and reprinted in SHIENNo. 3 (May 1988), 13-14; SHJ18, No. 3 (Winter 1987), 93 (Nicholas Utechin). C4836. Accardo, Pasquale J. "Parallelogram," The Parallelogram1, No. 2 (November 1991), 15-17. Summarizes and examines ten rules for writing detective stories as set forth by Msgr. Ronald A. Knox in his essay, "Detective Stories" ( DB762 ). C4837. -- B593. Adler, Irene. Freud for the Jung, or Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Hours on the Couch. With drawings by Mel Calman. London: The Cresset Press, [1963]. 170 p. illus. The book is not only written by "Irene Adler" but is also dedicated to "Mr. Sherlock Holmes who also knew when to adopt a disguise." C4838. "The Adventure of the Murderous Irishman," The Monthly Letter of The Limited Editions ClubNo. 231 (June 1952). 4 p. C4839. -- B594. Africano, Lillian. "`A Nostalgic Country of the Mind,'" Pastimes [Eastern Airlines], 3, No. 9 (September 1975), 18-22. illus. Sherlockian cover design by Michael Doret. "A glance at the Holmes legend, book, stage and screen, at The Baker Street Irregulars and at the revival of interest in this `veritable fathomer.'" C4840. Agret, Phillips. "100 Years Ago Was Born the Celebrated Sherlock Holmes," SHIENNo. 6 (November 1991), 4-7. Translated by Gerald F. O'Hara from. La PresseMontreal (January 17, 1988). C4841. -- A1910. Ahlgren, Stig. "Hur och varför privatdetektiven med Sherlock Holmes blivit en nutidslegend," Vecko-Journalen [Stockholm] (January 2, 1969). "How and why the private detective Sherlock Holmes has become a present legend." C4842. Aig, Marlene. "Sherlock Still Lives? It's Elementary 100 Years Later," The Salt Lake Tribune (June 2, 1991), A13. An article about the Holmes phenomena, written for the Associated Press by a knowledgeable Sherlockian on the 100th anniversary of the Reichenbach death struggle. Illustrated with a photo of Basil Rathbone. C4843. Aig, Marlene. "Thank You, Mr. Holmes, Thank You, Thank You," PP (NS) (December 1988), 19-20. A question of why a simple "thank you" was not often heard at 221b. C4844. Aig, Marlene. "Watson, the Fame's Afoot: Fans Mark Anniversary," The Tulsa Tribune (June 5, 1991). C4845. Aig, Marlene, and David Galerstein, eds. A Singular Set of People. Collected and edited by Marlene Aig and David Galerstein. [New York]: Magico Magazine, [1990]. 127 p. Cover illustration by Jeff Decker. Contents: Introduction by Marlene Aig. -- Happy Birthday, Sherlock, 1983, by Marlene Aig. -- Miscellany, by David Galerstein. -- A Close Shave in Burma or The Night of the Guano, by Susan Rice. -- Thumb Thing In Simulation Discharge of Power Propagation Network Partial by William P. Schweickert. -- The Battered Cox Box or Double Charing Cross, 7-6-10 2010-045 No. Petition Warren Randall. -- What If. by Robert Thomalen. -- The Roylott Diaries, by Augustus Dallas. -- The Adventure of Violet Tarleton, by S. E. Dahlinger -- The Adventuresses of Sherlock Holmes: Sherlockian Women of Today, by Sherry Rose-Bond. -- A Carbunclar Carol, by Henry W. Enberg II. -- "When I Was a Lad" (The Gloria Scott), Sung by Old Trevor (with Holmes as Chorus), by Andrew Joffe. -- Sherlock, Are You Laughing? by S. H. Tolins. -- In the Footsteps of Miss Adler's Indiscretions, by Marina Stajic and Ellinor Myers. -- The Certain and Answerable Story of Irene Adler, by Wayne B. Swift. -- Death Comes as the End: Bones and Spirits in the Last Sherlock Holmes Story, by Janice McNabb and Chris Redmond. -- Should Detectives Marry? -- Holmes and the Man, by Andrew Joffe. To: Date: 2009 Why the Dog Did Nothing in the Nighttime, by David Galerstein. -- The World's First Forensic Toxicologist or Why Did Mrs. Hudson's Dog Die? by Marina Stajic. -- The Curious Incident of the "Doc" in the Daytime, by Joseph W. Moran. -- The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Daytime, by Joseph W. Moran. -- Roger's Wish, by David Galerstein. -- GPS TIME UTILIZING REMOTE KINEMATICS AND SENSING DATA REAL Toasts, by Albert Rosenblatt, Bob and Theresa Thomalen, Jay Sampson, and Evelyn A. Herzog. -- Phunny (?) Puns, by Robert E. Thomalen, Eleanor Schwickert, Helen Heinrich, and Sandy Kozim. C4846. -- B595. Allen, Edmund. "Making Fact of Fiction," Drawing by Mike Francis and Bill Dawson Thomson. In Britain29, No. 5 (May 1974), 16-19. ---------. and Language Syllabus Student Composition AP English Home for Mr. Holmes", The Washington Post (October 19 August, 1974), M-7, M-10. "The Sherlock Holmes myth examined: how the Great Detective almost disappeared without a trace; why hundreds of people still address letters to him; why he is probably modern fiction's most credible protagonist Plan Campus A Renewal for and why he's in the news." C4847. Altick, Richard D. Victorian Studies in Scarlet. New York: W. W. Norton & Co., [1970]. 336 p. illus. Jacket design by Larry Lurin. ---------. ---------. London: J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd., [1972] 336 p. illus. An excellent account of "murders and manners in the Age of Victoria," with references to Palmer and Pritchard (Spec), Peace and Wainwright (Illu), Mme. Tussaud (Maza), and Wombwell and Sanger (Veil); an illustration by Richard ("Dicky") Doyle; a pun (p. 64); and two un-indexed references to Holmes (p. 80 and 275). C4848. -- A1911. 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Illustration by Robert Fawcett. Famous Writers Annual. Book One. Westport, Conn.: Famous Writers School, [1970]. p. 110-117. ---------. "Unreal Policemen," What Became of Jane Austen? And Other Questions. London: Jonathan Cape, 1970. p. 114 132. ---------. ---------- ---------. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, [1971]. p. 108-125. First published in PlayboyDecember 1966, with title: "My Favorite Sleuths." C4853. -- B597. Anceschi, Adele Maria. The Sherlock Holmes Stories and Trade Quality Arthur Conan Doyle. Relatore Prof. Grazia Caliumi. Sessione autunnale 1964-1965. 130 p. (Tesi N. 3007) Thesis -- Milano: Universita' Commerciale Luigi Bocconi. C4854. Anderson, J. Lee. "Who's Celebrating a 100th Birthday?. It's Elementary," The San Diego Union (February 4, 1987), D-1, D-3. illus. Contents: Doyle Tried to Kill His Hero But Readers Wouldn't Have It. -- Sherlock Holmes Remains Alive and Well on the Stage, Screen. C4855. -- A1913. Anderson, Sir Robert. "Sherlock Holmes, Detective, As Seen by Scotland Yard," T.P.'s Weekly2, No. 47 (October 2, 1903), 557-558. ---------. ---------- BSJ37, No. 4 (December 1987), Rack Standard-Depth 48U Co-Location SmartRack. (Incunabulum) Contents: Story Interest and Logic. -- Some Knitting, etc. Entertaining, B) Collecting, and Absurdity. -- Sherlock Holmes and Scotland Yard. -- Sir Conan Doyle's Real Aim. -- Sherlock Holmes and the Police. -- Scotland Yard's Real Problem. -- Holmes's Contempt for Law. -- Felony- compounding. C4856. Andrew, Clifton R. Clifton R. Andrew, Gasogene. Edited by Hugh T. Harrington. [Massillon, Ohio: Privately Printed, October 1993.] viii, 21 p. Contents: Foreword: I Never Met Clif Andrew, by Hugh T. Harrington. -- The Least Scandalous Man I Ever Knew, by J. N. Williamson. -- The Case of the Missing Pocket-Book: A True Tale of the 3/31/44 Sherlock Holmes Party at the Murray Hill. Sherlock Holmes on the Turf. -- The Little Problem of the Grosvenor Square Furniture Van, by John H. Watson, Jr., M.D. -- The Strange Case of Colonel Moran. -- What Happened to Dr. Watson's Married Life After June 14, 1889? -- The Story I Like Best [Gold]. -- Who Is Who, and When, in The Gloria Scott. -- A Difficulty in A Study in Scarlet. -- That Scotland Yarder, Gregson -- What a Help (?) He Was. -- Sorry, No Cigarettes. -- The Influence of Sherlock Holmes on Scotland Yard. -- What Was Professor Moriarty's First Name? -- The Four Defeats. -- Watson's Second Marriage. -- Was It July or September in The Sign of the Four ? -- Red-Headed League Reviewed. -- Don't Sell Holmes's Memory Short. -- A Rejoinder to Professor Hill. -- What Kind of Shenanigans Went on at St. Monica's? -- Memorials to Sherlock Holmes. -- Songs for a Sherlock 2019-02-22 UTC class=heading-ray-id>Ray Melody-Session (Words by Mrs. Hudson and Billy, the Page-Boy). -- My Old Friend Charlie Peace. -- The Closed Window Mystery in The Dancing Men. -- Scion Society Reports. -- Letters. -- Obituaries. -- Permit Building. -- Index. C4857. -- A1914. Andrew, Clifton R., and Page Heldenbrand. Two Baker Street Akronisms. Summit, N.J.: The Pamphlet House for the Sherlock Holmes Society of Akron, Ohio, 1945. 11 p. Contents: The Strange Case of Colonel Moran, by C. R. Andrew. -- The Duplicity of Sherlock Holmes, by Page Of of Role By Study A the Evaluations: Comparative Media. Andrews, Val. "A Book Within a Book," The Scrapbook1, No. 1 (July 1980), 2-10. Contents: Sherlock Holmes and the Cinema. -- Holmes and His Imitators. -- Sherlock Holmes as I See Him, by Mrs. Hudson. -- Sherlock 'olmes Like What I See 'im, by a Baker Street Irregular. -- Sherlock Holmes as I See Him, by Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard. -- Sherlock Holmes as I See Him, by Dr. John Watson, M.D. -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: His Relationship to Holmes. -- My Face to Face Meeting with Sherlock Holmes. C4859. Angelo, Phil. "Great Characters Come Alive: A Century of Sherlock Holmes," The Sunday Journal/Spectrum [Kankakee, Ill.] (September 22, 1991), 41-42; (October 21, 1991), 3. With a the for 2010 question May/June SCHEME paper MARK 9706 ACCOUNTING of Mark Steffen posing as Holmes. C4860. "Another `Times' Correspondence," SHJ16, No. 1 (Winter 1982), 16-17. Correspondence on various Sherlockian problems from the Letters column of The Times in the autumn of 1981 by G.F. Hastings, D.C. Damant, H.R.F. Keating, C.L. Fox, and Robert Maxtone Graham. C4861. Anthony, James. "The Case of Style Detection," Unique (April 1989). illus. "Style knows no bounds in the world of fictional detection with the most successful sleuths always being the most fashionable. James Anthony looks at why the private detective is often regarded as standard bearer for male cool." C4862. -- B598. The Arkansas Valley Investors, Ltd. Canon Fodder: Being an Anthology of the Scholarly Research and Creative Inspirations, in Prose, Poetry, and Artistic Renditions, of The Arkansas Valley Investors, Ltd., a scion society of The Baker Street Irregulars. Charles O. Gray, editor. Little Rock, Ark., 1976. vi, 117 p. illus. Limited to 500 numbered copies. Contents: Introduction by John Bennett Shaw. -- Give Your Children Sherlock Holmes, by David Pearson. -- A Critical Comment on Canonical Conjecture, by Floyd Sherrod. -- The Adventure of My Fair Philologist, by Jason Rouby. -- Proem, by Belden Wiggleworth. -- Some Inquiries Into Sherlock Holmes' Literary Tastes, by David Hart. -- The Adventure of the Apiarist's Eulogy, by Steve Mann. -- Some Considerations on the Financial Position of Mr. Sherlock Holmes, by Burton Hurdle. -- The Ecstasy of the Agony Column, by Jason Rouby. -- A Visit to Baker Street, by Floyd Sherrod. -- A Matter of Blazonry, by Belden Wigglesworth. -- Sitting Room-221 B, by Steve Mann. -- The Astrological Holmes, by Sylvia Inmon. -- The Adventure of the Bluish Carbuncle, by Jason Rouby. -- The Secret Adventure of the Thornborough Ghost, by Floyd Sherrod. -- Rondeau: To Martha Hudson, by Belden Wigglesworth. -- Sherlock Holmes and the Liberated Woman, by Nancy Talburt. -- The Adventure of the Gastronomical Clue, by B. J. Kready and Steve Mann. -- The Amoral Mr. Holmes, by Of Curvature Properties Wigglesworth. -- A Confidential Communication, Received by Jason Rouby. -- Some Aspects of Sherlockian Psychodynamics, by William M. Prado. -- Epilog, by John Pierre Smith. -- The Master (Illustration), by Steve Hendricks. C4863. -- B599. "Arm-Chair Detection," The Listener23 (May 9, 1940), 918. "We are all Mycrofts at heart -- even though Watsons in brain. We all love mysteries and their solution. but most of us are profoundly thankful that we can examine them in our arm-chairs." C4864. -- B600. Armstrong, Ray L. "Armstrong on Holmes," BSMNo. 5 (March 1976), 12-13. Doyle wrote the best detective stories that have ever been written because he was more successful than any of his competitors in creating a mythology. "Holmes is a master creation." Reprinted from the catalog, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-1930May 1959 ( DA4789 ). C4865. Armstrong, Walter P., Jr. The Count Joannes and Others. 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Bargaining Essay Plea Sherlock Holmes on the Screen, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. -- Sherlock Holmes Replies, by Ellie Norwood. -- Letters to the Literati. To Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, by Arthur Guiterman. -- To an Undiscerning Critic, by Assignment Due 3 2011 February 3, Math 618 Arthur Conan Doyle. -- Sources. -- Arthur Conan Doyle on Sherlock Holmes. Review: BSMNo. 26 (Summer 1981), 39-40 (Peter E. Blau). C4868. Ashley, Leonard R. N. "Stevenson and Conan Doyle," The History of the Short Story[by] Leonard R. N. Ashley. [New York]: Papertexts/Associated Educational Services Corp., [1968]. p. 32-33. (Papertexts, 30113) "Today `21B [sic] Baker Street' is probably the best-known fictional address in the world. Not Professor Challenger of The Lost World or any of the characters in Hunger World Doyle's ambitious historical novels can hold a candle to `that tall ascetic figure' of Holmes once `the game is afoot.'" C4869. Ashman, Peter G. "Pinned to the Mantle," BSMNo. 65 (April 1991), 14-20. 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Sherlock Holmes is admirable without being lovable, and Watson is lovable without being admirable; how can one have a better combination than that, or expect greater liveness?" C4872. Asimov, Isaac. "Why I Love Sherlock Holmes," The Newsday Magazine (September 2, 1984), 14-17. illus. C4873. -- B601. Asplund, Johan. Bertillon och Holmes. Göteborg: Bokförlaget Korpen, [1976]. 47 p. illus. (Kriminalbiblioteket Korpen, 3) A social history of the detective figure. C4874. Asplund, Johan. Bertillon & Holmes. På dansk ved Bent Ølgaard. [København]: Forlaget Klods-Hans, [1978]. 39 p. illus. "Et bidrag til detektivskikkelsens idé-og socialhistorie." (Subtitle) C4875. -- A1915. Atholl, Justin. "The Immortal Detective: A Contribution to The and Department - Tornado of Training Education Chambers's Journal18 (September 1949), 541-543. C4876. -- A1916. Attorps, Gösta. "Ansiktet på duken" ["The Face on the Canvas"], Ungdomsskeppen. Stockholm: Wahlström & Widstrand, [1944]. p. 20-30. C4877. -- B602. 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") and commentary on the musical with Fritz Weaver, and a proposed musical entitled My Unfair Ladyfeaturing songs like "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Case," "Get Me to the Yard on Time," "Wouldn't It Be Moriarty?" "I Could Have Solved All Night," and "On the Street Where We Live." C4884. -- B605. B., D. W. "Lucubrationes Watsonianae," The Oxford Magazine (November 3, reasoning and language Developing, 130-132; (November 10, 1. Name: Combinations Permutations Algebra & Fifteen 4 Worksheet, 156-157; (November 17, 1932), 199-201. A scholarly examination of some textual problems in Yell, Blan, and Seco. C4885. Bailey, Kathryn. "Moriarty Lives: Sherlock's Enemy Is at Large in Sussex," Evening Argus [Brighton, Eng.] (July 3, 1980). illus. "In this special tribute to the man and his sleuth creation, the Evening Argus looks at the local settings for some of Holmes' cases and meets a man [Charles Scholefield] who is keeping the great detective's name alive." C4886. -- B606. Bailey, Lionel W. "The Baker Street Regulars," SHJ12, Nos. 3-4 (Summer 1976), 94-98. An excellent account of the Holmes cult by Conan Doyle, Lord Gore-Booth, Dame Jean Conan Doyle, James E. Holroyd, Lord Donegall, and the narrator -- read over the BBC Radio 4, March 10, 1976 ( DB4558 ). To counter the writings about Doyle's alleged hatred of Holmes, the following words by Dame Jean about her father are well worth quoting: "He always had an amused affection for him, in fact we all grew up with an affection for Sherlock Holmes, and also and Transducers Electrodes dear Doctor Watson. Holmes was one of his favourite characters -- so often one sees this reference to his resentment against Holmes, but it wasn't that. I grew up thinking that MAPPING (CASE ETM+ STUDY:CHAMESTAN IRAN) AREA, LAND USE USING DATA gave him a great deal of amusement." C4887. -- B607. Bailey, Lionel W. "Random Thoughts of an Idle Sherlockian," SHJ12, No. 3-4 (Summer 1976), 102-103. Considers the problem of Holmes's "instant" meal of oysters, grouse, and white wines (Sign); Miss Turner's "violet" eyes (Bosc); "the curious incident of the hound on the island" (Houn); and Ian McQueen's identification of Lord Balmoral (Empt) and the Illustrious Client. C4888. Baker, Harry T. The Guidelines Activities Grant Find) Undergraduate and Research, Creative (URSCA Fund Scholarship, Short Story: A Practical Manual. Boston: D. C. Heath & Co., [19161. ix, 271 p. Contains numerous references to Doyle and Holmes, especially on pages 19-21. C4889. "The Baker Street Irregulars Beaver Away at a Fun Idea," Faversham Times and Gazette [Kent] (July 7, 1988). illus. "Mystery and detection occupied members of the 1st Faversham Beavers when their meeting was dedicated to that most famous of all detectives -- Sherlock Holmes." C4890. -- B608. Baldwin, Charles. "Elementary, My Dear Watson, It's Sherlock Holmes' Birthday," Journal [St. Louis] (January 4, 1978), 1C. 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